Illinois Association for Healthcare Quality

Formed in 1976, the Illinois Association for Healthcare Quality’s (IAHQ) primary purpose has been to provide healthcare professionals with a forum for education, networking, and opportunities for professional growth. IAHQ is a not-for-profit association and its Board of Directors is made up of elected and appointed volunteers from the membership.

President’s Message

Welcome to your IAHQ website

When I became President of IAHQ on July 1, 2015, I felt a deep sense of obligation to support all of you in the valuable work you do to promote healthcare quality. IAHQ’s mission is to deliver education, and our best product is our annual conference. I’d like to see us make it available to more people who share our dedication to making healthcare better.

Our membership is growing again and it’s important. Healthcare Quality Professionals who belong to IAHQ and NAHQ – and those that have earned the CPHQ certification – are among the best in our industry. We believe in ongoing learning and sharing better practices, and we cherish our relationships with each other. We do not want to provide our customers with just a project, but rather with a new way of working that increases quality in every department for every patient and family member.

Together, you and I will discover new ideas, make contacts that bridge programs and services, and build new skills. I also hope to bring in new people, regardless of their titles or niches.

I’m looking for help to realize a few goals. Think about this. Would you donate a few hours to:

  • Choose some people or topics for Webinars
  • Help us execute the best conference in Illinois on healthcare quality
  • Help us find other ways to realize or mission

If you can make the time to help, you’ll find the rewards of service in the smiles of other volunteers, the new faces at our conference, and the good feeling of helping others.

Along with the other board and committee members, I wish you all the best for a rich year ahead. Let’s help each other so that we can better help the doctors, nurses, administrators and others to perform their services safer, more efficiently, and better. I look forward to hearing your comments.

Tony Heath, CPHQ