Illinois Association for Healthcare Quality

Formed in 1976, the Illinois Association for Healthcare Quality’s (IAHQ) primary purpose has been to provide healthcare professionals with a forum for education, networking, and opportunities for professional growth. IAHQ is a not-for-profit association and its Board of Directors is made up of elected and appointed volunteers from the membership.

President’s Message

Welcome to Illinois’ leading association of health care quality professionals

There has never been a more important nor transformative time in health care. Quality is front and center as healthcare organizations and professionals strive to achieve the triple and quadruple aims. Clinicians look to maintain reimbursement and improve care under CMS’s Quality Payment Program – all the while trying to improve processes that not only enhance their operating practices but quality of care, safety, and ultimately, patient outcomes.

The Illinois Association for Healthcare Quality is the organization for professionals dedicated to improving patient care and outcomes in our state.

As the new IAHQ President, my vision for the association is to be the primary community where health care quality professionals go to learn leading practices and share experiences from around the state, region and even nationally, so that we can apply those lessons locally for improved operations and health outcomes.

To support that vision, please join me in our community of peers where we learn from each other, as well as outside experts through:

  • IAHQ’s annual conference, new meetings and webinars
  • New resources to do your job better
  • New opportunities for networking
  • Support for CPHQ certification and re-certification

IAHQ is a volunteer-led and managed organization. The Board is dedicated to making IAHQ the best it can be. However, IAHQ is a community for the people by the people and so I seek your involvement, engagement, suggestions and even time to support the community through programming and communications. You, our members and future members, are experts and your peers can learn much from you. If you have a quality improvement project, story or event you think will have broader value, please share and we will look for opportunities to highlight it at an IAHQ event or through future communications. 

And last, quality is not just the purview of clinicians nor the just administrators and industrial engineers among us. Our focus is not just hospitals and health systems but all settings where care is provided. Quality is the joy and calling for all of us so that we provide patients – our families, our friends and our communities – the care we want to provide and which they deserve.

Please join me, the IAHQ Board, and your peers around the state to make IAHQ a robust and supportive community from which we all can benefit and be proud.

Feel free to reach out to me anytime with your thoughts and suggestions.

Stephen L. Davidow, MBA-HCM, CPHQ, APR